August 25, 2008

Moving Pictures

As a still photographer I've always been a bit pensive about getting into video editing; after all, 30 frames per second is a lot of images! But with mini-DV tapes stacking up I've finally decided it's time to take the plunge and start creating DVD's and online videos. It may never be for professional shooting, but who knows where it could go! So now it's time for somthing new.

After a tremendous (somewhat obsessive) amount of research I've chosen Sony Movie Studio 9 Platinum as the tool. With the lowest system requirements, a rich heritage in the professional world, a great price point, very good user reviews, and its amazing audio capabilities, this one is hard to beat. In fact, for about $100 you can't get much more for your money.

After I get the software installed and try it out I'll post some comments about it, and of course, samples. It should turn out to be an exciting new adventure!

August 1, 2008

Look of the Blog

If you came to this page via the main web site you noticed its different color/theme. For a while it was similar to the site (black background, etc.), but it's a place I like to experiment. Seems that the white background makes it easier for reading the larger posts; white text with a dark background can be harder on the eyes. Anyway, this one uses a fairly nice template, too. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!